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Describes the event hooks in the Report and Label designers and how to leverage the default Report Builder application or replace it with your own custom application.

In This Section

Understanding Report Builder Events

Describes the builder events exposed by the Report and Label Designers.
Report Builder Event Handler Registry Table

Describes the structure of the lookup table used by the default Report Builder application to assign handler classes to builder events.
The Report Builder Event Class

Describes the properties and methods of the class used to encapsulate the builder event in the Report Builder framework.
How to: Display the Report Builder Options Dialog Box

Explains how to display's Options dialog box.
How to: Configure the Report Builder's Event Handling

Explains how to configure how the default report builder responds to build events.
How to: Add Your Own Handler to the Report Builder's Registry

Explains how to plug in your own event handler classes into the default report builder framework.
How to: Specify an Alternate Report Event Handler Table

Explains how to configure to use a different lookup table for event handler classes when it responds to events in the Report Designer.
How to: Extend or Replace the Report Builder

Explains how to replace the default report builder application in Visual FoxPro with your own application.
How to: Specify and Distribute ReportBuilder.App

Explains how to distribute ReportBuilder.App, either as a separate App file with your application, or by integrating the source code into your application's project.

Related Sections

Extending Reports at Run Time

Describes how to use and take best advantage of the preview and output run-time hooks in Visual FoxPro.
_REPORTBUILDER System Variable

Describes how to register an application to handle report builder events.

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