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You can program your application so that users can click a Help button to access the Help file. Adding Help buttons can make it easier for beginning users to access Help.

You can save the Help command button as a class so that you can add it to a form more easily.

To add a Help button to a form

  1. In the form's Init event, use the SetAll method to set the HelpContextID property for all the form's objects to the value you assigned to the Help topic you want to use.

    For example, the following line of code sets all the form's objects HelpContextID properties to 7 as their Help context ID number:

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    THIS.SetAll("HelpContextID", 7)
  2. Add a command button to the form.

  3. Set the command button's Caption property to the text, Help.

  4. In the command button's Click event, add the following command:

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    HELP ID THIS.HelpContextID

For more information, see Init Event, SetAll Method, HelpContextID Property (Visual FoxPro), Caption Property, Click Event, and HELP Command.

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