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Returns a Date value from a DateTime expression.




Specifies a date and time expression from which TTOD(В ) returns a Date value. tExpression must evaluate to a valid DateTime. If tExpression contains only a time, Visual FoxPro adds the default date of 12/30/1899 to tExpression and returns this default date.

Return Value



The following example creates a Datetime type variable named gtDtime. TYPE(В ) displays T, indicating the variable is a Datetime type. TTOD(В ) is used to convert the variable to a date type, and TYPE(В ) now displays D, indicating the variable is a date type after the conversion.

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STORE DATETIME( ) TO gtDtime  && Creates a Datetime type memory variable
? "gtDtime is type: "  
?? TYPE('gtDtime')  && Displays T, Datetime type value

gtDtime = TTOD(gtDtime)     &&  Converts gtDtime to a date value
? "gtDtime is now type: "  
?? TYPE('gtDtime')  && Displays D, character type value

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