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The Combo Box builder of the Form designer makes it easy to set properties for a combo box control. You set properties by choosing options from the Combo Box Builder dialog box.

To use the Combo Box builder
  1. From the New menu, choose Form, and then click New file.

  2. Using the Form Controls toolbar, place one or more combo box controls on the form.

  3. Select and right-click all the combo box controls you want to format, and then choose Builder from the Form Designer shortcut menu.

  4. Choose the options on each tab of the dialog box that appears, and then choose OK.

    When you choose OK, the builder closes, applying the property settings to the control.

Builder Tabs

List Items

Specifies items from a table, an array, or manual selection to appear in the combo box.

Specifies Style and SpecialEffect properties of the control, including 3D or plain style, drop-down combo or list, and single-key or incremental searching.

Specifies the control width and column widths properties.

Specifies which column returns a value and where to store it.

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