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The Offline switch works in a database containing remote views. This class provides a set of buttons that toggle between use of online and offline data.

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VisualВ FoxProВ Catalog\FoundationВ Classes\DataВ Query



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To use, drop the class on a project or form in a data environment or, from the Component Gallery Item shortcut menu, select Add to Project or Add to Form. When you add the class to a form, Visual FoxPro places the class buttons on the form, and opens a builder so you can specify lUseCurrentDBC, lAllViews, lUpdateViews, and lRevertOnFail values. When you drop the class on a project, you can choose between adding the class or creating a subclass.

See Guidelines for Using Visual FoxPro Foundation Classesfor more information on using foundation classes.

Properties, Events, Methods Description

cDatabase property

Specifies the name of the database containing views to take offline.

Default: .F.

cViews[1,0] property

Specifies the array of views to process.

Default: .F.

lAllViews property

Specifies whether to automatically use all views in the database.

Default: .F.

lRevertOnFail property

Specifies whether to revert all views if one fails when going offline.

Default: .T.

lUpdateViews property

Specifies whether to update all views when going online.

Default: .T.

lUseCurrentDBC property

Specifies whether to use the currently opened database at the start.

Default: .T.

GoOffLine method

Takes the views specified in the cViews array offline.

Syntax: GoOffline(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

GoOnLine method

Takes the views specified in the cViews array online.

Syntax: GoOnline(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

CheckOffLine method

Checks to see if views are currently online/offline.

Syntax: CheckOffline(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

Alert method

Displays a message box containing cMessage.

Syntax: Alert(cMessage)

Return: m.cMessage

Arguments: cMessage specifies the text of the alert message.

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