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Visual FoxPro includes an ISAPI extension called Foxisapi.dll that makes it possible for you to access Visual FoxPro custom Automation servers from any ISAPI supported Web server such as Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) version 5.0 or later and Microsoft Personal Web Server. The FoxISAPI extension works by creating an instance of a Visual FoxPro automation server and then calling a method on that server that returns HTML. The HTML is passed from the Web server back to a Web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer.

The Foxisapi.dll is intended solely as a sample ISAPI extension to illustrate using Visual FoxPro automation servers with an ISAPI supported Web server. The Foxisapi.dll should not be used in production or secured systems.

Visual FoxPro includes two FoxISAPI automation server samples that demonstrate how you can use the power of Visual FoxPro to dynamically support a Web site. The first sample, FoxWeb, located in the Samples\Servers\FoxIsapi\FoxWeb folder, is a simple sample designed to demonstrate basic FoxISAPI concepts. This sample steps you through the process of setup and deployment of FoxISAPI servers, both local and remotely. In addition, the sample walks through steps needed to implement pooling of servers for improved scalability.

The second sample, FoxIs, located in the Samples\Servers\FoxIsapi\FoxIs folder, is a more complex sample that contains routines to map visual and functional content of a Visual FoxPro form to HTML. The concepts are the same as FoxWeb; FoxISAPI instantiates a server and invokes a method to return HTML. Because the FoxIs sample uses a visual form, it offers additional versatility by making it possible for you to run it as a stand-alone program, from OLE clients, and from a Web browser.

If you are not familiar with creating Visual FoxPro Automation servers, see How to: Create Automation Servers.

FoxISAPI Components

The following table lists the core FoxWeb Automation server sample files and a description of each.

File Description


The main component of the FoxISAPI Automation server samples, FoxWeb and FoxIs. Foxisapi.dll is used with IIS or Microsoft Personal Web Server. Foxisapi.dll creates an instance of a Visual FoxPro Automation server and executes a method on that server. The method then returns the HTML displayed in the Web browser. Foxisapi.dll is used primarily with Visual FoxPro; however, it can be used with any Automation server.


An initialization file for Foxisapi.dll file that makes it possible for you to configure Foxisapi.dll.


A Visual FoxPro program used for debugging your Internet applications.

Configuring FoxISAPI Components

To install the core FoxISAPI components, follow these steps:

  1. Copy the Foxisapi.dll and Foxisapi.ini files to your Web server's script folder. For example, C:\InetPub\scripts\.

  2. Copy the Oldebug.prg program file to your Visual FoxPro root folder (the location returned by HOME(В ) function). For example, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual FoxPro\.

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