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Provides the interface for modeless user feedback such as status messages during a report run.




Specifies the message shown by the ReportListener object's user feedback mechanism.

Return Value



Applies To: ReportListener Object.

Like the DoMessage method provided for modal user feedback in the ReportListener class, DoStatus respects the setting of the QuietMode Property when evaluating if user feedback is appropriate in the current environment. For more information, see QuietMode Property.

The baseclass ReportListener uses a WAIT NOWAIT mechanism to implement DoStatus, but you can override with a different form of modeless user feedback, as shown by the ReportListener User Feedback Foundation Class. Be sure to match your implementation of DoStatus with an appropriate implementation of ClearStatus, to remove your modeless feedback when it no longer applies (for example, at the end of a report run). For more information, see ClearStatus Method.

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