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Chapter 13. Combat Settings

Key Topics

When designing animats to deal with combat, it's essential to analyze what's involved in the task generally. Moreover, it's crucial for the developer to have a solid grasp of the game design and its consequences on the AI.

No matter how great the battle, warfare takes place at an individual level. This chapter provides an informal description of the concept of combat on a personal level, where the objective is to inflict the most possible damage upon the opponent. AI design ideas are built by looking into challenges faced by soldiers throughout the centuries, and investigating the approach taken within existing computer games to model these activities.

This chapter covers the following topics:

  • The varieties of weapons used in warfare

  • Different weapon types (to abstract out the essence of combat: shooting skill)

  • The role of the environment in individual fights, revealing its importance

  • Design of a test bed where we can train and evaluate animats at one-on-one combat

As game players, principles of combat in games are familiar to us. As game developers, it's important to understand the dynamics of the design well enough to implement the AI.

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