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Training Zone

Given all these factors that influence the weapon selection, we need to agree on a terrain that will be representative of the ones we're interested in, and that will allow easy development of the AI.

We need a terrain where a lot of ammunition and weaponry are available. This will enable us to not cheat by giving the bots all the weapons to play with. More than just a principle, this has the advantage of forcing the bots to use all the weapons (as they pick them up).

Alternatively, we could enforce the use of specific weapons during different stages of the game. This would allow the animats to get to grips with each of the weapons without any bias. Either option seems feasible for learning about all the weapons, so we can use whichever approach suits our training zone best.

Ideally, when developing the AI, we would also like as many scenarios as possible occur. This is also for the sake of diversity. Most game levels will have a good blend of architectural styles. However, we should not feel limited to any one level during the development. This will allow the animats to acquire the most experience with the weapons.

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