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Before scanning through each of these sketches to find the right specification, we need to identify its objectives!

Deciding Factors

Modeling the actions seems relatively straightforward, although the sensors may prove more challenging. We need to adhere to two main principles for this specification—somewhat different to the previous ones:

  • Compatibility— The interfaces need to remain compatible with all the previous ones. All the extensions should ideally be consistent (for instance, with regard to information and format).

  • Simplicity— Conceptually, the interface is actually not too complex, although the implementation needed to gather the information may be more of a challenge. We would like to keep the AI simple regardless of this.

As well as adhering to these two principles, we also must formalize the assumptions of the game engine.


As usual, the AI assumes that a lower level is handling the animation. This will take care of selecting the appropriate keyframe cycle for the weapon preparation. After the weapon has been selected, a short delay may occur before the weapon is available for use. This delay corresponds to the time needed to find and prepare the weapon. However, the AI can assume that after the weapon has been selected, it will always become available automatically, with an acceptable delay. This same policy applies to human players.

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