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Who Is This Book For?

AI Game Development targets readers who want to learn about AI and apply their knowledge practically to games. Particularly, this book is intended for the following people:

  • AI enthusiasts who want to learn the trade in the best practical way: using computer games

    Most people only understand AI when it is applied practically. Synthetic characters in computer games bring AI to life with palpable behaviors. In this book, we hide the complexity of the game engine to expose the essence of game AI—ideal for educational purposes.

  • Hobbyist game developers wanting to add intelligent creatures to their favorite games (or even to their own)

    In this book, we present generic interfaces between the AI and the game engines. Re-implementing these interfaces allows easy integration of the AI into custom games. All the demos and AI techniques are applicable to most video games.

  • Programmers interested in modern AI techniques and methodologies to create synthetic creatures

    Creating believable and realistic behaviors is about more than just programming. AI Game Development explains how to use AI techniques both in theory and practice, and identifies the benefits of this approach. The methodology during the AI production pipeline is also discussed.

  • Professional game developers eager to investigate new AI approaches to improve their NPCs

    Two new concepts are right around the corner in game AI development: learning and embodiment. Along with reactive systems, their applicability to commercial games is scrutinized throughout this book.

General skills in game AI engineering are discussed, not just descriptions of algorithms. Some experience with the C++ language is assumed for those who want to use the existing code; knowledge of game engine structure is a distinct advantage for integrating the ideas into custom games. However, the latter is not required, because a game framework is provided.

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