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Where Is the Web Site?

There is a web site dedicated to this book at The site is a valuable online resource that extends the content of this book in many ways, making this a truly multimedia experience. All the source code for the framework is available online, as are demos and extra material, including the following:

  • Step-by-step guides for each demo

  • Exercises with hints and solutions

  • Game AI Specialists Forum

  • Mailings lists for announcements

The framework supporting the demos is an open source project called Flexible Embodied Animat 'Rchitecture (FEAR). The project provides a great foundation to reduce the amount of preparation required to implement the AI and test the animats. The codebase is evolving rapidly, but the development can be followed on the SourceForge page at We strongly encourage involvement in the project, and welcome contributions to the initiative. FEAR has already become the reference open source game AI framework; just imagine what it could become with your help!

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