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Chapter 3. Data Structures and Algorithms

"The loftier the building, the deeper must the foundation be laid."

Thomas Kempis


  • Types, Structures, and Classes

  • Data Structures

  • The Standard Template Library

  • In Closing

Our journey into game programming is going to be long and deep. Before we begin, we must make sure some key concepts are well laid out. We need to take a second to review the game programmer's basic tool set. This chapter is a survey of popular data structures and their access algorithms. We will be basing all our work on these cornerstones throughout the rest of the book. Therefore, it is essential that they be well understood, so we can move on to the game-specific content of the book.

So, consider this chapter a reminder. Read it, and then take a second to review the concepts and parts you feel less familiar with.

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