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Appendix D. C++ Primer

First, let's get the pronunciation of "primer" out of the way. For many years I pronounced "primer" so it rhymed with "timer," but the truth is, that's wrong. My friend Mitch Waite (the founder of Waite Group) has made a pretty good living off the word "primer," but he told me one day that a British author working for him said that he was pronouncing the word wrong. "Primer" actually rhymes with "trimmer." "Primer," the way we were pronouncing it, means the stuff you put on something before you paint it, or the first stage in an explosive process. In any case, I don't know if I will ever say it right. "PRIME-ER" just sounds better!


If you're a C++ programmer, you might be asking, "Why does André always use C?" The answer is simple—C is easier to understand, and that's all there is to it. C++ programmers obviously know C because it's a subset, and most game programmers learn C before C++.

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