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Xtreme Games LLC

The name of my company is Xtreme Games LLC. We develop and publish 2D/3D games for the PC platform. You can check us out on the Web at

You'll find articles on 3D graphics, artificial intelligence, physics, DirectX, and a lot more. In addition, I'll be posting any changes or additions to this book.

Xtreme Games LLC publishes games as well as develops them. So if you think you have a good game, log on and check out the information about authoring games through Xtreme. We also provide technical assistance to developers.

Additionally, I have created two new companies to help developers. The is targeted as a completely online distribution point for games at

The other company, NuRvE Networks, creates the next generation of globally aware games and network play:

And last but not least, here's my e-mail address once more:

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