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Chapter 11. Algorithms, Data Structures, Memory Management, and Multithreading

"You think I can get a hug after this?"

Bear, Armageddon

This chapter is going to talk about all those little details that slip through the cracks in any game programming book (even mine). We're going to discuss everything from writing games so they can be saved, to making demos, to optimization theory! This chapter will help you with some of those lingering details. Then, when we cover artificial intelligence in the next chapter, you should have all the general game programming concepts under control so the 3D math doesn't make you crack!

Here's what's in store in this chapter:

  • Data structures

  • Algorithm analysis

  • Optimization theory

  • Mathematical tricks

  • Mixed-language programming

  • Saving games

  • Implementing multiple players

  • Multithreaded programming techniques

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