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Chapter 15. Putting It All Together: You Got Game!

"He slimed me!"

Bill Murray, Ghostbusters

This is the last chapter of Volume I, and it's just in time; I'm starting to have a three-way conversation with myself. I admit I talk to myself, but when two different people talk back, it's time to quit! Anyway, in this chapter I'm going to outline the design and implementation of a simple game, Outpost, which I wrote using the techniques that you have learned in the book.

The game took about five days to write, so don't expect much. However, it sports 3D-modeled sprites, particles, some gameplay, sound effects, and a few different enemies, and I think it should be really easy for you to mess with if you want to. Here's what I'm going to cover:

  • The initial design of Outpost

  • The tools used to write the game

  • The game universe: scrolling in space

  • The player's ship: the Wraith

  • The asteroid field

  • The enemies

  • The power-ups

  • The HUDs

  • The particle system

  • Playing the game

  • Compiling Outpost

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