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About the Second Edition

This revision of Tricks basically updates the material from the first printing. The updates are in various areas, such as cleaning up the typos and technical errors, along with adding new content and enabling compilation using the latest version of DirectX (what was Microsoft thinking removing DirectDraw!). Additionally, this new edition covers more details about 16-bit RGB modes, will compile under DirectX 8.0, and has a new chapter on text parsing, along with added explanations throughout the book. In general, this is a much cleaner, more complete version of Tricks.

Additionally, this book is about game programming; hence, the coverage of DirectX is only what is needed to get the point across when discussing various game programming topics. In most cases, my philosophy is to keep things as simple as possible. The new merger of DirectDraw and Direct3D is great for 3D applications, but overkill for 2D games and, of course, for tutorial explanation. Thus, I have stuck to using DirectDraw 7.0 to keeps things easy while at the same time upgrading to DirectX 8.0 in other areas that are relatively the same. The point is that DirectX is a set of technologies, and you must pick and choose what you need for any particular application.

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