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A computer language developed by Sun Microsystems. It is used on the Web for the delivery of cross-platform, client-side applets over the Internet.
A scripting language developed by Netscape for the execution by a browser of client-side scripts embedded in a Web page.

See also ECMAScript.

Joint Photographic Expert Group, an acronym used to designate JPEG-format images that can display colors selected from a palette of up to 16.7 million colors.

See also GIF.

A word used in an Internet or Web search.

See hypertext link.

link list
A list of hypertext links, sometimes also called a hot list.
link text
The text displayed in a hypertext link, usually in blue and underlined.
Mathematical Markup Language. The proposed standard for displaying equations and mathematical symbols on the Web.
media type
Defines the content of a file or attachment (text/html, for instance, is the media type of HTML documents). Previously also referred to as the MIME type or content type.
Microsoft extension
An extension to HTML originally developed and supported by Microsoft in its Internet Explorer browser. The MARQUEE tag, for instance, is a Microsoft extension.

See also Netscape extension.

MIME type
MIME stands for Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions and originally defined the file types for files attached to e-mail messages. On the Web, the MIME type is used to determine the type of file that is being displayed or transmitted.

See also media type.

minimized attribute
An attribute that can be stated by itself, with an implied value (such as the HR element's NOSHADE attribute). Minimized attributes are allowed in HTML, but not in XHTML (where noshade="noshade", must be used). Also sometimes referred to as a boolean attribute.
Moving Pictures Expert Group. A means of compressing video and audio files.

See WebTV.

In HTML, the ability of an element to be contained within another element, forming a hierarchical element tree. Elements should always be properly nested and not overlap other elements.
Netscape extension
An extension to HTML originally developed and supported by Netscape in its Navigator browser. Many Netscape extensions have been incorporated into HTML 3.2 and 4.0, including the FONT and FRAMESET tags, for instance, or are supported by other browsers.

See also Microsoft extension.

Netscape palette

See Web-safe palette.

optimized palette
A color palette for an image that has been reduced to only the colors present in the image. Called an adaptive palette in Photoshop. Also, sometimes referred to as a customized palette.
ordered list
A numbered list in HTML.

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