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6. Links

Links are the distinguishing feature of the World Wide Web. They let you skip from one page to another, call up a movie or a recording of The Nields (or your favorite band), and download files with FTP.

A link has three parts: a destination, a label, and a target. The first part, the destination, is arguably the most important. You use it to specify what will happen when the visitor clicks the link. You can create links that show an image, play a sound or movie, download files, open a newsgroup, send an email message, run a CGI program, and more. The most common links, however, connect to other Web pages, and sometimes to specific locations on other Web pages called anchors. All destinations are defined by writing a URL (see page 35) and are generally only visible to the visitor in the status area of the browser.

The second part of the link is the label, the part the visitor sees and clicks on to reach the destination. It can be text, an image, or both. Label text is often, but not always, shown underlined and in blue. The more appealing, enticing, and attractive the label, the more likely a visitor will click on it. In fact, eliciting Web visitors' clicks is an art.

The last part of the link, the target, is often ignored or left up to the browser. The target determines where the destination will be displayed. The target might be a particular named window or frame, or a new window or frame.

Figure 6.1. Some of your pages may have links to many other pages. Other pages may have only one link. Others may link to multimedia files. And still others may have no links at all.

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      Creating a Link to Another Web Page
      Creating Anchors
      Linking to a Specific Anchor
      Targeting Links to Specific Windows
      Setting the Default Target
      Creating Other Kinds of Links
      Creating Keyboard Shortcuts for Links
      Setting the Tab Order for Links
      Using Images to Label Links
      Linking Thumbnails to Images
      Dividing an Image into Clickable Regions
      Creating a Client-Side Image Map

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