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  1. Define a static method to fill an array of type char[] with a given value passed as an argument to the method.

  2. For the adventurous gambler – use a stack and a Random object in a program to simulate a game of Blackjack for one player using two decks of cards.

  3. Write a program to display the sign of the Zodiac corresponding to a birth date entered through the keyboard.

  4. Write a program using regular expressions to remove spaces from the beginning and end of each line in a file.

  5. Write a program using a regular expression to reproduce a file with a sequential line number starting at "0001" inserted at the beginning of each line in the original file. You can use a copy of your Java source file as the input to test this.

  6. Write a program using a regular expression to eliminate any line numbers that appear at the beginning of lines in a file. You can use the output from the previous exercise as a test for your program.

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