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  1. Define a Person class to encapsulate a person's name and address with the name and address being fields of type Name and Address. Write a program to allow names and addresses to be entered from the keyboard and stored as Person objects in a file. Once the file exists new entries should be appended to the file.

  2. Extend the previous example to optionally list all the names and addresses contained within the file on the command line.

  3. Extend the previous example to add an index based on the person's name for each person entered at the keyboard to locate the corresponding Person object in the object file. The index file will contain entries of type IndexEntry each of which encapsulates a name and a file position in the object file. The index file should be a separate file from the original file containing Person objects.

    Note: You will probably find it easiest to delete the previous file before you run this example so that the object file can be reconstructed along with the index file. You can get and set the file position from the underlying file input stream object.

  4. Use the index file to provide random direct access to the object file for querying random names entered from the keyboard. Entering a name from the keyboard should result in the address for the individual, or a message indicating the entry is not present in the file. The process will be to first search the index file for an object with a name field matching the keyboard entry. When an IndexEntry is found, you use the file position it contains to retrieve data from the file containing the Person objects.

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