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In this chapter, we have discussed the facilities for inputting and outputting basic types of data to a stream. The important points we have discussed include:

  • A stream is an abstract representation of a source of serial input, or a destination for serial output.

  • The classes supporting stream operations are contained in the package

  • Two kinds of stream operations are supported, binary stream operations will result in streams that contain bytes, and character stream operations are for streams that contain characters in the local machine character encoding.

  • No conversion occurs when characters are written to, or read from, a byte stream. Characters are converted from Unicode to the local machine representation of characters when a character stream is written.

  • Byte streams are represented by sub classes of the classes InputStream and OutputStream.

  • Character stream operations are provided by sub classes of the Reader and Writer classes.

  • A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse.

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