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  1. Modify Sketcher to add an Exit action for the File menu and the toolbar.

  2. Modify the lottery applet to present the six numbers selected in ascending sequence.

  3. Replace the action listener for the selection buttons in the Lottery applet with a mouse listener, and use the mousePressed() method to update the selection with a new value.

  4. Modify the Lottery applet to implement the mouse listener for a selection button as an inner class to the Lottery class.

  5. Modify the Lottery applet to implement the control buttons on a toolbar based on Action objects.

  6. Change the Lottery applet to handle the MOUSE_ENTERED and MOUSE_EXITED events within the toolbar buttons you added in the previous exercise.

  7. Add tooltips to the lucky number buttons and the toolbar buttons in the Lottery applet. (You can make the tooltip the same for each of the lucky number buttons.)

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