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JSRs for Web Service Transaction Support

As described earlier, JTA- and JTS-based transaction managers are limited, in that they are meant to manage and coordinate distributed, ACID transactions. A new specification is needed to address the complex distributed transactions prevalent in Web service and workflow applications.

JSR-95, J2EE Activity Service for Extended Transactions, proposes a low-level API for J2EE containers and transaction managers. JSR-95 borrows from the OMG Activity Service submission and leverages concepts defined by JTA and EJB specifications.

JSR-156, XML Transactions for Java (JAXTX), also proposes support for extended transaction support in J2EE systems. Unlike JSR-95, JSR-156 proposes a closer relationship to the BTP specification, using XML messaging for transaction management and coordination. This proposed Java API also has a loftier long-term goal: to isolate application programmers and application servers from the underlying transaction manager implementation (BTP, WS-Transaction, and Activity Service).

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