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We have discussed many topics not typically addressed in other forums. There is, of course, more to cover on high availability and other subjects we have discussed. This chapter covers the fundamentals, to a level sufficient for basic understanding and architecture planning.

Anywhere you turn, you can read articles on Web services and how they are ready for prime time. Web services will be used for a variety of purposes-some to increase the speed and/or quality of information flow, others to make it easier for producers and consumers to locate each other and conduct commerce. We hope this chapter conveys that putting together a robust, scalable Web service is not as easy as it looks. Figure 16.8 summarizes the requirements of Web services.

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Figure 16.8: Web services summary

Today's economy requires agile, dynamic enterprises that can:

At the center of this model is knowledge. Web services are the empowering technology that will allow organizations to accomplish these goals.

Architects have a long road ahead of them. Keeping up with evolving standards, the balancing act of new technologies contrasted to legacy approaches, and the growing demand by the marketplace for enterprises to become agile require continuous improvement and planning for the next minute. The best way to deal with change is to prepare for it. Hopefully, we have accomplished our goal and made your journey a little easier ...

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