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The Architect Implements the Baseline Architecture

The architect implements key parts of the system to demonstrate the architecture he or she is promoting. The architect drives to the baseline architecture for the project. The baseline architecture is an implementation that answers all of the key technical questions for the system. The high-risk areas of the project are implemented in the baseline architecture. Once the baseline architecture has been completed, the architecture is visible and the project can proceed in high gear to deliver the functionality of the system. Once the baseline architecture is completed, the architect also moves from a role of designer and implementer into a role of advocacy and mentoring.

The architect has to be one of the most well-rounded members of the project team. To be effective, he or she has to have an understanding of both people and technology. Because the architect's role is both broad and deep, good architects are hard to find. It is beyond the ability of most to fill the role completely. However, precisely because it is difficult, a career as a software architect is also exciting and rewarding.

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