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Requirements and Licenses

Please make sure that you have JDK 1.3.1 or greater installed prior to running any of the installations. To obtain the JDK, visit

Please note that your PC should have at least 256 MB RAM to run the sample products without issues. The software included on this CD is targeted toward users of the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. If you are a Linux user, please feel free to visit the respective software vendor's site and download a risk-free evaluation copy of their software.

The respective installation files for each of the vendors' products are contained within each respective directory. Please read the ReadMe file in each directory before installing the product.

Each vendor grants you the right to use the software under licensing terms that you will be required to acknowledge upon installation. If there is a license agreement in the directory please read it before installing the product. Some of the products on this CD require a License Key that can be obtained by registering at the respective vendor's Web Site.

BEA has a special URL for registering Weblogic 7.0 and Weblogic workshop: Visit

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