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Internet Explorer (MacOS)

Figure 14-4
Internet Explorer (MacOS)
By default, Internet Explorer on the Macintosh doesn’t show JavaScript errors. To turn on this feature, go
to the Preferences dialog (available under Edit
Preferences). Under the Web Browser section on the
left side of the window, click Web Content. In the lower part of the window, you see a check box labeled
Enable Scripting; immediately underneath is a check box labeled Show Scripting Error Alerts. Checking
this box causes the browser to pop up an error message when a JavaScript error occurs.
Be aware that the line number given isn’t always accurate. If the code causing the
error is inline, then the line number correctly identifies the line number in the
HTML file where the error occurs; if the code causing the error is in an external file,
the line number is typically off by one line, so an error that is purported to have
occurred on line 5 actually occurred on line 4.
Error Handling
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