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running any code. The Continue button resumes executing the script and continues until the natural end
of the script or a breakpoint is encountered. The last three buttons are standard Step Over, Step Into, and
Step Out commands.
All these actions can also be performed in the Interactive view by using the commands in the following
Debug Button
Text Command
Step Over
Step Into
Step Out
When code execution is stopped on a particular line, that line is highlighted in yellow in the Source
Code view. Additionally, the function containing that line is displayed with a yellow arrow in the Call
Stack view (Figure 14-21).
Figure 14-21
The Call Stack view always has a generic
item to represent the global scope from which
the first function was called.
One of the unique features of Venkman is its capability to set up variable watches. Watches literally
variables for changes in their values and display them in the Watches view.
To add watches, you can select a variable in the Local Variables view, right-click, and select Add Watch
Expression. You can also use the
command in the Interactive view to do the same thing:
/watch-expr variable_name
Error Handling
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