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Macromedia Flash

This chapter introduced the concept of plugins and how to use JavaScript to communicate with them.
You learned about the two different styles of plugins, ActiveX and Netscape-style, as well as how to
embed each into a Web page.
Next, Java applets and their use on the Web were discussed. You learned how JavaScript, via LiveConnect,
can access public methods of Java applets and how Java applets can be programmed to call JavaScript
From that point, you learned about Macromedia Flash and how to embed Flash movies in HTML pages.
You learned about the large number of JavaScript methods capable of controlling Flash movies as well as
how to pass data to and receive data from them. Additionally, you learned the two ways to call JavaScript
from inside Flash movies using
The chapter finished up by discussing embedded ActiveX controls and the tabular data control specifi-
cally. You learned how to load data from a flat text file into the tabular data control and how to access
that data from within JavaScript.
Interacting with Plugins
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