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The JScript programming language includes an assortment of properties, methods, objects, functions, and so on. In addition, JScript can use many corresponding features from the .NET Framework class library. The following sections explain the proper use of these features and the proper syntax within JScript.

In This Section

Feature Information

Provides version information about the language features in JScript, and compares the features with those specified by the ECMAScript standard.

JScript Language Tour

Introduces the elements and procedures that developers use to write JScript code and links to specific areas that explain the details behind language elements and code syntax.

JScript .NET Language Reference

Lists the essential components of the JScript object-oriented programming language and links to topics that explain how to use the language.

JScript Compiler Options

Lists options available for the command line compiler and links to topics that organize the options either alphabetically or by category.

Related Sections

.NET Framework Reference

Lists links to topics that explain the syntax and structure of the .NET Framework class library and other essential elements.

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