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As with most languages, JScript uses several fundamental kinds of data. Among these are numeric data and string data. A string is a block of text. There are several ways to enter this data in a JScript program. Data is often entered with literal expressions.

In This Section

Array Data

Explains the concept of arrays in JScript and how to enter array data using array literals in a script.

Boolean Data

Explains the concept of Boolean data and how to use either of its two literal values in JScript code.

Numeric Data

Describes the difference between integral and floating-point data and how to enter numeric data in a script.

String Data

Explains the concept of string data, its syntax, and the use of escape characters.

Object Data

Describes the concept of object data in Jscript, its initialization and use.

Related Sections

JScript Data Types

Includes links to topics that explain how to use primitive data types, reference data types, and .NET Framework data types in JScript.

Data Types

Lists links to reference topics that explain the intrinsic data types and their associated properties and methods.

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