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The following compiler options are sorted alphabetically.

Compiler Options

Option Purpose

@ (Specify Response File)

Specifies a response file.


Automatically references assemblies if they have the same name as an imported namespace or as a type annotation when declaring a variable.


Specifies the code page to use for all source code files in the compilation.


Emits debugging information.


Defines preprocessor symbols.


Produces an output file optimized for speed but that does not support certain language features from previous releases.

/help, /?

Lists compiler options to stdout.


Specifies code page for compiler messages.


Specifies the location of assemblies referenced via /reference.


Creates a link to a managed resource.


Suppresses compiler banner information.


Does not import standard library (mscorlib.dll).


Specifies output file name.

/platform (JScript)

Specifies the platform type.


Specifies whether the print statement is available.


Imports metadata from a file that contains an assembly.


Embeds a managed resource in an assembly.


Specifies the format of the output file using one of three options:/target:exe/target:library/target:winexe


Displays compiler output using UTF-8 encoding.


Helps to make sure that all overrides are explicit.


Sets warning level.


Promotes warnings to errors.


Inserts a Win32 resource into the output file.

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