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The absolutely very first resource you should consider is the MySQL manual, available through the company's Web site ( in many different forms. The main online version has the added advantage of being searchable. You'll also find user-submitted comments that are often helpful. I also keep a copy of the manual on my hard drive for whichever version of MySQL I am running (in case your Internet connection goes down).

Once you've performed an exhaustive search through the MySQL manual, you can consider turning to one of several MySQL-dedicated mailing lists (there are no official MySQL newsgroups). Each list has a different subject:

  • Announcements

  • General

  • Java

  • Windows

  • .NET

  • C++

  • Perl

  • ODBC

Most of these are available in a digest form so that you can receive two large emails per day rather than many individual ones. Plus these lists are available in other languages. It is recommended that every MySQL user subscribe to the announcements list to keep up to date.

Through another link at the MySQL site (Figure C.1)you can perform searches through the mailing list archives. Doing a quick search here before posting a question to a mailing list (and presumably after you've scoured the MySQL manual) will save you lots of time.

Figure C.1. You can access information from the MySQL mailing lists by subscribing or by searching the respective archives.

And if the manual and mailing lists aren't enough, MySQL runs a number of support forums ( If you need more personal and time-sensitive help, you could consider purchasing one of MySQL's support plans.

You may also want to keep abreast of Planet MySQL ( The focus here is on general news and opinion, rather than technical documentation, although it is also associated with the MySQL AB company.

Finally, some good general, common knowledge can be found at the FAQTs page for MySQL (, Figure C.2). You might also like the "gotchas" section at (

Figure C.2. Frequently asked MySQL questionsand their answersare available through the FAQTs site.

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