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18.5. Further Information

Books devoted to the topic of non-photorealistic rendering include Non-Photorealistic Rendering by Amy Gooch and Bruce Gooch (2001) and Non-Photorealistic Computer Graphics by Thomas Strothotte and Stefan Schlechtweg (2002).

The Gooch shading algorithm is defined and described in the SIGGRAPH 1998 paper, A Non-Photorealistic Lighting Model for Automatic Technical Illustration, by Amy Gooch, Bruce Gooch, Peter Shirley, and Elaine Cohen. This paper draws on concepts presented by Edward Tufte in Visual Explanations (1997). A short discussion of NPR can be found in Real-Time Rendering, Second Edition, by Tomas Akenine-Möller and Eric Haines (2002). I've also included a lot of references to NPR resources in the main bibliography at the end of this book.

The classic text on fractals and the Mandelbrot set is, of course, The Fractal Geometry of Nature, Updated and Augmented, by Benoit Mandelbrot (1983). In 1986, Heinz-Otto Peitgen and Peter Richter wrote The Beauty of Fractals, another book you can enjoy looking at as well as reading. Peitgen and Dietmer Saupe (1988) edited a book called The Science of Fractal Images, which contains numerous examples and algorithms and additional material by Mandelbrot, Richard Voss, and others. A couple of the Mandelbrot "tourist destinations" that I've listed were described by Paul Derbyshire on the now defunct Web site, PGD's Quick Guide to the Mandelbrot Set.

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