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Praise for the First Edition of OpenGL® Shading Language

"The author has done an excellent job at setting the stage for shader development, what the purpose is, how to do it, and how it all fits together. He then develops on the advanced topics covering a great breadth in the appropriate level of detail. Truly a necessary book to own for any graphics developer!"

Jeffery Galinovsky
Strategic Software Program
Manager, Intel Corporation

"OpenGL® Shading Language provides a timely, thorough, and entertaining introduction to the only OpenGL ARB-approved high-level shading language in existence. Whether an expert or a novice, there are gems to be discovered throughout the book, and the reference pages will be your constant companion as you dig into the depths of the shading APIs. From algorithms to APIs, this book has you covered."

Bob Kuehne
CEO, Blue Newt Software

"Computer graphics and rendering technologies just took a giant leap forward with hardware vendors rapidly adopting the new OpenGL Shading Language. This book presents a detailed treatment of these exciting technologies in a way that is extremely helpful for visualization and game developers."

Andy McGovern
Virtual Geographies, Inc.

"The OpenGL Shading Language is at the epicenter of the programmable graphics revolution, and Randi Rost has been at the center of the development of this significant new industry standard. If you need the inside track on how to use the OpenGL Shading Language to unleash new visual effects and unlock the supercomputer hiding inside the new generation of graphics hardware, then this is the book for you."

Neil Trevett
Senior Vice President
Market Development

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