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PEAR_ErrorStack::getErrorMessage() -- Standard error message generation callback


require_once 'PEAR/ErrorStack.php';

string PEAR_ErrorStack::getErrorMessage (PEAR_ErrorStack &$stack, array $err [, string|false$template = FALSE])


This method may also be called by a custom error message generator to fill in template values from the params array, simply set the third parameter to the error message template string to use

The special variable %__msg% is reserved: use it only to specify where a message passed in by the user should be placed in the template, like so:

Error message: %msg% - internal error

If the message passed like so:

$stack->push(ERROR_CODE, 'error', array(), 'server error 500');

The returned error message will be "Error message: server error 500 - internal error"


PEAR_ErrorStack &$stack

array $err

string|false $template

Pre-generated error message template


throws no exceptions thrown


This function should be called statically.

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