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PEAR_ErrorStack::singleton() -- Return a single error stack for this package.


require_once 'PEAR/ErrorStack.php';

PEAR_ErrorStack & PEAR_ErrorStack::singleton (string $package [, callback $msgCallback = FALSE [, callback $contextCallback = FALSE [, boolean $throwPEAR_Error = FALSE, string [$stackClass = 'PEAR_ErrorStack']]]])

Backwards Compatibility Warning


As of PEAR 1.3.2, PEAR_ErrorStack no longer instantiates and returns an Exception object in PHP5, and the second-to-last parameter has been removed. Code that relies upon this behavior will break.


Note that all parameters are ignored if the stack for package $package has already been instantiated


string $package

name of the package this error stack represents

callback $msgCallback

callback used for error message generation

callback $contextCallback

callback used for context generation, defaults to getFileLine()

boolean $throwPEAR_Error

If TRUE, then PEAR::raiseError() will be called and a PEAR_Error object will be returned from calls to PEAR_ErrorStack::push()

string $stackClass

class to instantiate


No exceptions thrown.


This function should be called statically.

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