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PEAR_ErrorStack::staticPush()  --  Static version of push()


require_once 'PEAR/ErrorStack.php';

PEAR_Error|array PEAR_ErrorStack::staticPush (string $package, integer $code [, string $level = 'error' [, array $params = array() [, string $msg = FALSE [, array $repackage = FALSE [, array $backtrace = FALSE]]]]])



string $package

Package name this error belongs to

integer $code

Package-specific error code

string $level

Error level. This is NOT spell-checked

array $params

associative array of error parameters

string $msg

Error message, or a portion of it if the message is to be generated

array $repackage

If this error re-packages an error pushed by another package, place the array returned from pop() in this parameter

array $backtrace

Protected parameter: use this to pass in the debug_backtrace that should be used to find error context

Return value

returns if compatibility mode is on, a PEAR_Error is also thrown.


No exceptions thrown.


This function should be called statically.

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