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PEAR_Dependency2::validateExtensionDependency()  -- validate a dependency on a PHP extension


require_once '/Dependency2.php';

true|PEAR_Error|array PEAR_Dependency2::validateExtensionDependency (array $dep, bool [$required = true])


This validates against actual in-memory extensions, and will not attempt to locate extensions on disk. To do this, a dependency should be a package dependency with the <providesextension> tag.

As with all dependency validation, true is returned on success, PEAR_Error on failure for required dependencies. If the soft, force or ignore-errors options are specified, an array containing the error message will be returned instead.


array $dep

dependency contents as parsed from xml

boolean $required

Whether this is a required or optional dependency


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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