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constructor PEAR_RunTest::PEAR_RunTest()

constructor PEAR_RunTest::PEAR_RunTest()  -- Instantiate a PEAR_RunTest object.


require_once '/RunTest.php';

void constructor PEAR_RunTest::PEAR_RunTest (PEAR_Common|null [$logger = NULL], array [$options = array()])


If no logger is specified, a new PEAR_Common object will be instantiated and used to print output to the screen.


PEAR_Common|NULL $logger

A class that contains a log() method matching the signature of PEAR_Common.

array $options

Currently supported options are simple and quiet. The simple option causes tests to simply print the title of the test and not the full path to the test file. The quiet option causes output of only failed tests.


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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