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Directory structure

A REST channel server simply delivers files in a certain directory structure. The content of those files is static. Their location is relative to the URLs given in the channel.xml baseurl tags.

Note: All files are static - you do not need a scripting language installed on your server.

The following table lists all known files, a tiny description as well as the version they appeared in first.

Table 33-1. Directory- and file structure

Level 0Level 1Level 2DescriptionREST version
c/  Categories1.0
 categories.xml List of all categories1.1
 $CategoryName/  1.0
  info.xmlInfo about the category1.0
  packages.xmlList of packages in category1.0
  packagesinfo.xmlInfo about all packages1.1
m/  Maintainers1.0
 allmaintainers.xml List of all maintainers1.1
 $maintainernick/  1.0
  info.xmlInfo about the maintainer1.0
p/  Packages1.0
 packages.xml List of all packages1.0
 $packagename/  1.0
  info.xmlGeneral package information1.0
  maintainers.xmlList of package maintainers1.0
  maintainers2.xmlList of developers and their roles1.2
r/  Releases1.0
 $packagename/  1.0
  allreleases.xmlList of all releases1.0
  allreleases2.xmlList of all releases including minimum PHP version1.3
  latest.txtLatest version number1.0
  stable.txtLatest stable version number1.0
  beta.txtLatest beta version number1.0
  alpha.txtLatest alpha version number1.0
  devel.txtLatest development version number1.0
  0.1.2.xmlShort package info for version
  v2.0.1.2.xmlShort version of package.xml, version 21.3
  package.0.1.2.xmlpackage.xml for version
  deps.0.1.2.txtSerialized dependencies for version

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