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Orphaned Packages

The Problem

Sometimes a package is left without care for a long time. It becomes lonely and full of bugs. This is a very sad situation and somebody needs to step up to remedy it.

What can be considered an orphaned package ?

The following are considered orphaned packages:

Contact process

A QA core-team member tries to contact the current maintainers and developers (cc'ing the QA list) asking about an update about their work on the package.

A package lead answers:

he states that he still intends to work on the package, but is busy at that point. Either a timeframe will then be decided upon by the lead and QA during which some activity must occur (i.e. I'm going to be busy the rest of this month but I'll get back to it on the 3rd of next month) OR a second lead developer will be sought to continue development

Finding a new lead

A message will be sent to pear-dev asking for volunteers.


Descriptions of terms used on this page

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