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<channel> -- What is a channel?

Quick introduction to channels

Channels are new in PEAR 1.4.0. Channels are a systemized way of differentiating between different download sources. One such download source is, another is, and there are several third party channels slowly springing up around the net.

The <channel> tag should contain the full channel name, not any alias (don't use "pear", use "".

A good rule of thumb to use when determining what channel name to use is "where do I upload my releases to?" If the answer is, that is your package's channel. If the answer is, then that is your channel.

If you aren't running a channel server and wish to serve your packages as well as allow other packages to remotely depend on your package, the new uri-based package distribution method is the best choice, see the <uri> tag documentation link below.

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