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Cache_Lite::clean() -- Clean the cache


require_once 'Cache/Lite.php';

boolean Cache_Lite::clean (string [$group = FALSE], string [$mode = 'ingroup';])


if no group is specified all cache files will be destroyed ; else only cache files of the specified group will be destroyed


string $group

name of the cache group

string $mode

flush cache mode : 'old' (clean too old cache files for the current lifetime), 'ingroup' (clean all cache files for the given group), 'notingroup' (clean all the cache files except for the given group), [since 1.5.0 beta] 'callback_myFunc' (call the function 'myFunc' with the complete path file and the group in parameters, if the callback return 'true', the cache file is deleted).

Return value

returns true if no problem


This function can not be called statically.


This example cleans all of the cache files.

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