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Config_Container::searchPath() -- Finds a node using XPATH like format


require_once 'Config/Container.php';

mixed Config_Container::searchPath (mixed $args)


This method tries to find an item by following a given path from the current container.

This method can only be called on an object of type 'section'. Note that root is a section. This method is recursive.

This method takes as many parameters as is needed to define your path to the requested item. The format is array (item1, item2, ..., itemN). Items can be strings or arrays. Strings will match the item name, while arrays will match 'name' and/or 'attributes' properties of the requested item.


mixed $args

Strings or arrays of item to match in the order they will be matched, separated by commas

Return value

mixed - reference to item found or FALSE when not found


This function can not be called statically.


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