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Config::parseConfig() -- Parse datasource contents


require_once 'Config.php';

mixed &Config::parseConfig (mixed $datasrc, string $configType [, array $options = array()])


This method will parse the datasource given and fill the root Config_Container object with other Config_Container objects. It will return a reference to the root Config_Container object or a PEAR_Error if something went wrong.


mixed $datasrc

Datasource to parse. For most containers, it is a file path. For the PHP array parser, it can be an array too.

string $configType

Type of configuration to parse

array $options

Options for the parser

Return value

object - a reference to Config_Container object


Table 37-1. Possible PEAR_Error values

Error codeError valueMeaningSolution
PEAR_ERROR_RETURN"Configuration type '$configType' is not registered in Config::parseConfig."The config type must be registered for use by Config.Use one of the standard config types, or register your custom container using Config::registerConfigType

Other errors may be returned from the parser for the specific container you're using.


This function can not be called statically.


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