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Modules -- Loading and calling modules


MDB2 follows a modular concept to provide functionality beyond the basic ability to send queries to the database and fetch result sets. Currently the following modules are available:

A module is loaded using the loadModule() method. This method returns the module instance, but also stores the instance in a property. The name of the property is either the lowercased name of the module passed in as the first parameter, or optionally the non null value of the second parameter. The optional third parameter is used to differentiate modules that depend on a specific RDBMS (like the Datatype module) and those that do not (like the Extended module). The method can also be used to load custom modules that are installed.


The third parameter is automatically detected if it is not set. On hosts that have 'safe_mode' enabled automatic detection does however require silenced falls to fopen(). Error handling and error handlers should be configured accordingly.

On PHP5 users can also rely on overloading to load and call modules.

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