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Portability -- Database portability features


Each database management system (DBMS) has its own behaviour. For example, some databases capitalize field names in their output, some lowercase them, while others leave them alone. These quirks make it difficult to port your scripts over to another server type. PEAR MDB2 strives to overcome these differences so your program can switch between DBMSs without any changes.

You control which portability modes are enabled by using the portability configuration option. Configuration options are set via factory() and setOption().

The portability modes are bitwised, so they can be combined using | and removed using ^. See the examples section below on how to do this.

NB: MDB2 portability modes are meant to change the behaviour of the returned values only, not that of the query itself. For instance, if you created your tables quoting the identifiers, remember to use the quoteIdentifier() method in all your queries or you'll get "not found" or "not exists" errors. Also check for the quote_identifier option, if it's false then quoting won't be applied if the check_option is used.

Portability Mode Constants


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